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Horse Supplements
LexveT -  The formulation of LexveT was not developed for the market it was developed for the horse.  This horse supplement is very economical and produces amazing results.
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Stud Brochure 2015.pdf (PDF — 660 KB)

LexveT Mineral Mix,  LexvetT B1 Cool Mix
LexveT Mineral Mix, LexvetT B1 Cool Mix
LexveT products include LexveT Mineral Mix and LexveT B1 Cool Mix. Both of these products are supplements that contain macro minerals, trace minerals, vitamins and salts. Our products are designed to supplement your horse with vitamins and minerals that could be lacking or imbalanced in their diet. They are not intended to provide horses with energy, protein or roughage. There is no need to feed both of our products at the same time, however some owners do swap from one to the other as needed. LexveT Mineral Mix is suitable for all horses including broodmares, foals, weanlings, yearlings, stallions, performance horses, racehorses, pleasure, retired and aged horses. LexveT B1 Cool Mix is suitable for nervous or excitable horses. It has the same ingredients as LexveT Mineral Mix but has higher ratios of Magnesium and Vitamin B1. 5kg Tub of Mineral Mix €55.00, 5kg Tub of BCool Mix €58.00, 12Kg Bag Mineral Mix €80.00, 12kg Bag BCool Mix €85.00, 22kg Bag Yellow Mix €130, 22kg Bag BCool1 Mix €140, Visit us on Facebook at Lexvet Ireland
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